RTS Coaching: The Crossover Step-up


If you’ve been training for any extended period of time, you’re familiar with the step-up.

The step-up is a fantastic exercise for many reasons:

  • It builds single-leg stability and control,
  • It can help iron out side-to-side strength imbalances, and
  • It’s a functional, real-world movement.

Like most weight room lifts, however, the step-up is very sagittal (think forward-and-backward) in nature.

(And yes, I realize there’s frontal and transverse plane involvement – just work with me here!)

For athletes, I also need exercises that teach them to load their hips in a tri-planar manner.

And if that sounds appealing to you, then check out the crossover step-up!

Now that you’ve watched the video, here are a few key points:

  • Feel your whole foot when you push up onto the box.
  • When you are coming down, think about sitting back into the hip.
  • Beyond just sitting back, think about keeping your hips square throughout. This is arguably the most important point, as it will make sure you’re actually loading the hips!

If you’re stiff or immobile, don’t try to be a hero on Day 1.

Start with a low box, work on the pattern, and do it right.

As you start to open things up, work up to a higher box, as well as keeping the hips square.

The crossover step-up is a fun variation of the standard step-up, and one that I hope you’ll enjoy!

All the best


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