Supersets: Theory, Practice and Application

Hey friend!

In case you missed it, today I wanted to share with you a presentation I’ve recently created on the topic of supersets.

You could’ve found this in one of two places:

  1. If you were on the Insider’s List for my most recent Complete Coach Certification, or
  2. If you were on the Coaches vs. COVID Zoom call a few weeks back.

Now if you have missed it in either of those two places, not to fear!

You can find the full presentation (plus a few others) via the link below.

And if you don’t want to watch all of the presentations, feel free to skip to the 2:00:00 mark where mine starts.

I really think there’s some great stuff in there, and definitely a few new ways to think about incorporating supersets into your programs.


All the best,

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  1. Thanks for sharing Mike. I really enjoyed your talk a couple weeks ago online and I had some great takeaways. You talked about a couple things I have done before and/or do currently without thinking about it. It was a unique presentation that definitely gave us all some thinking points.

    • Love it Chris!

      And you’re absolutely right – I feel like a lot of great coaches/trainers do things intuitively. One thing that I enjoy doing is trying to note those, and/or give it a name/vocabulary that we can all share and build from.

      Thanks again!

  2. Hey Mike, this was great! I know you don’t just smash out presentations all day but one on energy system development would be unreal! Thanks for all the knowledge you’ve presented.

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