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Bigger Biceps, Bigger Bank Accounts

Mike’s note: I’ve got yet another guest post for you from my boy Dan Brown, IFAST Bootcamp Coach extraordinaire. Enjoy! For those familiar with some of my writing and Force Barbell, you can see a trend that movement inspires people. It inspires change, thought, love and a bevy of other important qualities. I really do […]

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Dan Brown Guest Blog: Changing the World Through Movement

Mike’s note: I recently interviewed Dan, one of our key coaches at IFAST. I really enjoyed reading this guest post from Dan, and I hope you do, too! Planting the Seed of Change I’m known as an Oly-lifting guy, but this is not a post about weightlifting. Instead, it’s a post about how we can […]

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Interview with Dan Brown

Dan Brown is one of the newest additions to the IFAST Team, and I’ve got to say, we’re really lucky to have him! Dan is incredibly versatile – in his coaching career he’s done everything from 1-on-1, to bootcamps, to working as a Division-1 strength coach at Purdue University. Needless to say, I think he’s […]

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