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RTS Coaching: Hip Postion on 2-KB Front Squats

I’m a huge fan of 2-kettlebell front squats. In fact, with a lot of my athletes that I may only have in for a short period of time, it’s my go-to squatting progression. Not only can you load it up fairly quickly, but it’s almost impossible to screw up. Almost. As with most lifts, the […]

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Front Squat

Front squats are a different animal. After years of dedicated powerlifting training and back squatting, I read an article by one of my strength training mentors, Brad Gillingham. “Big Brad” is one of the strongest human beings on the face of the planet, and his 5×5 squat program had worked wonders for my back squat. […]

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Q&A Front Squat Issues

Q: I’ve got most of your products and look forward to getting the newest one coming out soon.  I have one question and hope you can help me. Front squats cause my lower back to ache and tighten up when performing.  I do the squat to stand drill and have a tough time getting my […]

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