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Strategic Deconditioning for Athletes

Strategic Deconditioning

This is a guest post by Travis Hansen This particular training concept or technique was originally brought to light by Bryan Haycock. 1 I read a statement from Christian Thibadeau and I think he references its definition very well. Paraphrasing of course, Strategic Deconditioning is the improvement of our muscle cells “trainability” or responsiveness to […]

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Stop Missing Lifts!

Spring 2001 Ball State University Powerlifting Practice One of my favorite guys on the powerlifting team is having a rough go at it. He’s in what he calls a “squatting slump” and he’s bound and determined to work his way out of it. We’re less than 1 month out from Collegiate Nationals; now is not […]

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Punch the Clock Workouts

This weird thing is happening, and I’m not totally sure what to do about it. No matter what I do, no matter I’m getting older. And the weird thing is, as I get older, I have more responsibility. And the worst part is with more responsibility and things going on, sometimes my “life” gets in […]

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531 and other random musings

One of the keys to my job is keeping up with all the current literature, research, DVD’s, etc.  Quite simply if I hear that something is good, I want to check it out. A few weeks ago, I gave high praise to Dan John’s book Never Let Go.  If you’ve read anything by Dan John […]

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Training Tips: The Grind

Seeing as how it’s St. Paddy’s day, AND I have a wedding to attend (which explains the pinstripes pants and dress shoes), we’re going to keep things relatively simple today. When you take time off from training, you need to ease back into low rep, high intensity training.  You can’t go straight from high rep […]

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March 31, 2008

In This Issue – Robertson Training Systems Updates – Testimonials – Training Tip – Nutrition Tip – Exclusive Interview: Jim Wendler – Upcoming Interviews – New Articles – Schedule Robertson Training Systems Updates Bulletproof Knees on sale tomorrow! Those of you that have been on my newsletter list for a while know that I don’t […]

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