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Physical Preparation with Chad Kolarcik

A few years back at one of the Seattle Sounders seminars, I was listening to Chad Kolarcik talk about his strength training program with the team. And the more he detailed his program, the more I realized that he and I think very similarly with regards to athletic development. In this episode we’re going to […]

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My 2016 Coaching Agenda

Last year, I wrote a rather lengthy post on my personal goals for 2015. It was pretty cathartic to get all of this written out and on paper, but at the same time, I’m not sure how valuable it was to someone like you, who is sitting at home trying to learn! So this year, […]

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Knee Strengthening Exercises

Knee pain sucks. And while I’ve already discussed the topic of knee pain numerous times here before, if you’re new to the site I’d highly recommend checking out the articles below as a primer. Knee Pain Basics, Part I Knee Pain Basics, Part II Knee Pain Basics, Part III I’ve been thinking about this quite […]

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