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Chidi Enyia on Building Explosive Speed, Strength and Power with Potentiation

Chidi Enyia is a Sprints, Hurdles, and Jumps Coach for ALTIS, a fitness company designed to provide an environment where elite track and field athletes can grow to become better at their chosen sport. They have state-of-the-art training facilities, a robust clientele, and professional and certified coaches. He has over 20 years experience training athletes […]

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Physical Preparation with Boo Schexnayder

Boo Schexnayder is a world-class coach speed and jumps coach, and someone that you can most definitely learn a thing or two from. I saw Boo at a BSPMBG seminar a few years ago, and was floored with the depth of his understanding in regards to athletic development. In fact, he was so good that […]

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Q&A: Speed Work

Q: I was wondering if you could help me when it comes to programming for speed sets.  Do you have an optimal percent range that you use when working on bar speed?  I am working with a sprinter right now and wanted to start adding some speed sets in, but I am not sure how […]

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