Get Off That Right Side with the Offset Split-Squat!

One of the biggest issues we see with clients and athletes alike is a tendency to get “stuck” on their right leg.

So while most would assume just “doing more single-leg work” would fix the issue, unless you offset the load, you can actually just reinforce the asymmetry!

If you struggle to load the left side of your body – or push off the right – try this offset split-squat variation and see how it works for you!

And if you liked this video and need more exercises like it, try a few of these on for size as well:

I hope all this helps, and if you have follow-up questions (or want more info like this) you should definitely check out IFAST University!

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  1. Thanks for another great video, I recently I have had some issues with an ACL rehab of getting her to load correctly and consistently. I hadn’t used a lot of ipsilateral loading in the past due to similar experiences you mentioned in the video. I had tried many versions of loading, goblet, contra and bodyweight only, during our rehab to get the movement pattern to clean without any success but once I tried the the ipsilateral things started to work right and clue in. Thanks for opening my eyes to this!

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