What is Physical Preparation?

What’s happening my friend…anything new? 😉

Of course, things are a little crazier across the world than usual.

But with all that craziness, I’ve chosen to focus on the things that I have some control over.

Former Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano used to say. “Control the Controllables” – and while it sounds a little sily, it’s definitely something I buy into!

So for the next 30 days, I’m going to create and post content across all of my social platforms – Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

This way, regardless of which platform you prefer, you’ll have one piece of content every day that will make you a better trainer or coach.

So let’s go ahead and look at a few things I’ve posted over the past week!

What is Physical Preparation?

One thing that I’ll be focusing on in the coming weeks are Q&A’s that have piled up over the last couple of weeks.

This first video answers a simple – but very important – question:

What is physical preparation? And how is it different from strength and conditioning?

Band-Assisted Single-Leg Squat

Next, I’ve got a training video that might help you out…

I don’t know about you, but I really struggle with squatting in general.

So that’s why when you put me in a single-leg stance and ask me to try it, the performance borders on horrific!

However, I know this is something I want to work on and improve in the future, so this set-up made a big difference for me.

By simply adding in the band assistance out of the bottom, I kill a few birds with one stone:

  • I improve my ability to reach,
  • I give myself some external feedback and support, and
  • I give myself a boost out of the bottom where I’m naturally weakest.

If you want to single-leg squat but struggle with the pattern, definitely give this one a shot!

Reverse Crunch to Press Out

Last but not least, you KNOW I love core training exercises…but sometimes the standard variations can get a little easy.

Take the reverse crunch for instance: It’s an awesome exercise, but once you do it for a little while you need something with a bit more “spice.”

While there are lots of ways to progress it, here’s one of my favorites – take the standard reverse crunch and add a press out at the end.


There you have it my friend!

Whether it’s better understanding what physical prep is, improving your single-leg squats or making reverse crunches more difficult, I hope you got something out of these videos.

Thanks for your support and have a great day!

All the best,

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