7 Mantras I Use To Be Successful in Coaching and Life

“Mantra” may be one of those words that give you a funny feeling when you hear it.

In fact, I’d imagine that a lot of people who even see the title of this podcast won’t listen to it, just because the word “mantra” is in the title!

But in reality, mantras are a powerful tool that many of the world’s most successful people use on a daily basis to get more out of their life.

In this show, I cover not only what a mantra is, but why you should use it, and then give you seven mantras that I use on a daily basis to help keep me grounded, focused, and growing.


Show Outline

Here’s a brief overview of what I discussed in this week’s show;

  • MR’s Monologue: What Beginner’s Mind is, and why you should cultivate it
  • What a mantra is? And while it may sound hokey, why you should be using them
  • The 3 layers of habits – and why “setting goals” may not be enough
  • Achieving vs. becoming
  • Why my first three mantras are all about taking care of myself (and maybe yours should be as well???)
  • Training, nutrition and sleep: 3 non-negotiables for trainers and coaches
  • Where my family fits in the mix, and the mythical unicorn this is “finding balance”
  • Homework: Creating your own mantras based on what YOU want to achieve in your life and the person you want to become


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