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Four Kettlebell Moves for a Bigger Powerlifting Total

Originally published at Four Kettlebell Moves for a Bigger Powerlifting Total Mike Robertson Powerlifters are a resourceful group; we’ll do damn near anything to add pounds to our lifts and grow our total. Go to any powerlifting gym today and you’ll likely see lifters using bands, chains, dragging sleds, and other various tools to […]

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RKC Weekend Coming up

As many of you know, I’ll be heading to Minneapolis this weekend for the Russian Kettlebell Certification. Am I excited?  Yes. A little nervous? Sure. But all in all, I expect it to be a great time.  Kettlebells are something I’ve always been interested in, and I’m really hoping this weekend is going to take […]

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Updated Training Log of Sorts

I get questions quite frequently about how I’m training, so I figured since I disbanded the training log that I’ll do a little update here. I’m a little conflicted, to be honest.  The body is feeling quite good these days, albeit at a much lighter body weight than I’ve been at in the past 2-3 […]

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What I learned at this weekend’s KB seminar

This past weekend we hosted a KB seminar at I-FAST, with Master RKC instructor Brett Jones being the guest of honor.  We had about 17 attendees, and I’m pretty certain I can say that everyone learned a ton. I’m the first to admit I don’t know all that much about KB training.  Sure, movement is […]

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