Daniel Bove on Variability, Load Management and Winning in the NBA

Daniel Bove is currently serving as the Director of Performance for the Phoenix Suns. With the Suns, Daniel is tasked with managing the strength & conditioning and sports science departments.

Before coming to Phoenix, Daniel worked as a strength & conditioning coach and applied sports scientist for the Atlanta Hawks.  With a diverse background in fine art, kinesiology, and data science, Daniel utilizes a diverse set of skills in the High Performance space

In this show, Daniel and I cover a ton of ground – from his big 3 of training and recovery, to what movement variability means to him with regards to basketball players, how the Suns are using their quadrant system to better manage load, and why WINNING makes everything in the NBA so much sweeter.

This is a really fun show, and one I truly hope you’ll enjoy.


Show Outline

Here’s an overview of what we covered in this week’s episode:

  • Show Intro:
    • Weekend Recap
  • MR’s Deep Thought:
    • Run YOUR Race
  • Interview with Daniel:
    • How a fine arts major ended up working in the NBA.
    • Daniel’s big rocks when it comes to training and developing basketball players.
    • How his process and programming evolve over the course of the competitive season (off-season, pre-season, in-season, etc.)
    • What movement variability means to him when it comes to training basketball players.
    • The logistics of the NBA off-season, and how he keeps tabs on athletes that don’t stay on site to train.
    • The big changes he makes when he shifts from off-season to pre-season training.
    • The 4-Quadrant system they’re using with the Suns to consolidate workload.
    • The BIG Question.
    • A fun lightning round where we talk about building a new team/staff, the resources that have made him a better coach, his favorite part of the NBA season, and what’s next for Daniel Bove.


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