Exercise of the Week: Blast Strap Flutters

The External Obliques

Today’s exercise of the week is one of my favorite new core exercises – blast strap flutters.

Keep in mind, these are an advanced exercise!  If you haven’t mastered the ab wheel rollout, then you have no business upgrading to these.

In this case, you’ll need either blast straps or gymnastic rings.  Set it up so that your feet are on a moderate height box or bench.

Set-up like you would in the bottom of a rollout, and then alternate bringing one arm in while bringing the opposite arm out.  (Note: When reviewing this I could’ve stood to be even a little bit tighter throughout the midsection.  Do your best to minimize lumbar movement.)

Keys to good performance include:

– Control your back position.  DO NOT allow excessive arching/sagging

– External obliques/glutes tight throughout

You can either do this for a number of repetitions, or a set period of time.  I will generally start people off with 15 seconds of work for several sets, and then build from there.

Good luck!



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