Lee Taft Talks Training Adults, Combines, and Strength Training for Speed


Lee Taft – aka the Speed Guy – is a highly-respected and world renowned athletic movement specialist.

Lee is devoted to sharing his training philosophy and teaching his multi-directional speed methods to performance coaches and fitness professionals worldwide.

As a former physical education teacher, Lee has been teaching foundational movement to beginners and helping young amateurs become professional athletes since 1989.

He is also a sought-after athletic consultant and the author of several ebooks on movement techniques and speed development, including “Complete Speed” and “The Speed Insiders Academy.”

Lee joins me today to discuss the effects of strength training on speed and the importance of fitness training for adults.

He shares methods to determine whether an individual needs to scale up their strength training and explains the value of training for power, squats, and balance for older adults.

He also explains why getting high scores in the NFL Scouting Combine doesn’t necessarily make one a better player, and reveals the single-most essential skill an athlete could have.


Teach drills in the context of how it’s going to help athletes improve on the movement patterns of speed and strength. – Lee Taft


This week on the Physical Preparation Podcast:

  • Lee’s transition from his career in physical education to the strength and conditioning world
  • The impact of strength conditioning on speed training
  • How to determine if an athlete needs to increase their strength training
  • Why Lee started to create content about fitness for older adults
  • Why older adults need to train for power, squats, and maintaining balance
  • Lee’s thoughts on the NFL Scouting Combine
  • The difference between summary and directed feedback
  • What a typical athletic consulting day looks like for Lee
  • Lee’s advice for young coaches on training athletes for speed


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