Physical Preparation with Hunter Charneski

Hunter Charneski is the Owner and Founder of Freak Faktory, a private training facility in West Michigan. He is the physical preparation and nutrition consultant for Grand Valley State University’s football team, as well as the Head Coach of Physical Preparation for the men’s basketball team.

In this show, Hunter and I talk about the amazing path that got him started in the physical preparation industry, how he’s using post-activation potentiation to prime his football players before a game, and the biggest thing that’s missing from high school strength and conditioning programs.

Show Outline

Here’s an overview of this week’s episode:

  • Mike’s Monologue: I’m playing around with the format of the show, so to lead off I chat a bit about two traits that every coach should aspire to have: Being Humble, and Staying Hungry.
  • From there we get into Hunter’s interview, where we cover the following:
    • His amazing start in the world of physical preparation.
    • Why he decided to open his own facility.
    • The big rocks in Hunter’s philosophy for training football players.
    • What we’re really selling when it comes to athletic development (or training in general).
    • How he got the sport coaches he works with to buy-in to his training philosophy.
    • More importantly, the changes he got the sports coaches to make to their training programs.
    • The neural prep/post-activation potentiation sequence he’s used with his football players pre-game to improve speed, power and explosiveness.
    • Hunter’s thoughts on training in his incoming collegiate athletes.
    • The #1 thing that is missing from most high school strength and conditioning programs.
    • The BIG Question.
    • A fun and engaging lightning round, where we discuss his powerlifting career, the books he’s reading right now, and the one coach (living or dead) that he would meet if he could.

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  1. I was happy to hear Hunter on the podcast. At this past fall’s Physical Preparation Summit he took time to talk to me, even though I’m a nobody (at this point) in the industry. And he seemed genuinely happy to do so. That left an impression on me, and made me interested in following his blog and his work as someone I might learn from. That, as much as anything was a big takeaway from the conference.

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