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Corrective Exercise Doesn’t Work

I’ve heard the grumblings for years. Corrective exercise is a myth. It won’t work with high-level athletes. Basically, you name it, and I’ve heard it. Strangely enough, most of the people that had issues with this sort of training did very little “training” themselves. They might be able to cite some research or write a […]

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531 and other random musings

One of the keys to my job is keeping up with all the current literature, research, DVD’s, etc.  Quite simply if I hear that something is good, I want to check it out. A few weeks ago, I gave high praise to Dan John’s book Never Let Go.  If you’ve read anything by Dan John […]

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Bench Press 101

Evidently, my new favorite lift is the bench press (or at least that’s what all the guys in the gym say!). Hey, everyone else has been doing it for years – maybe I’m just a little bit behind the times!  I’m definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed. In all seriousness, as someone who […]

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