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Physical Preparation with Chris Chase

Chris Chase is in his second season with the Atlanta Hawks after being named the team’s Athletic Performance Coach in 2015. Prior to that, Chris was an assistant strength and conditioning coach at USC. In this episode Chris and I talk discuss what he calls “trainable menus,” his thoughts on motor learning, and he even […]

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RTS Coaching: Low Box Reverse Lunge

Split-squats and lunges are two one of my go-to moves when it comes to training my athletes. Don’t believe me? Just check out all of these articles I’ve written on the split-squat alone! But just because I love an exercise doesn’t mean I’m not willing to change things up – especially if it makes it […]

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Physical Preparation with Mike Roncarati

Mike Roncarati is coming off a dream year. As a physical preparation coach for the Golden State Warriors, they achieved what every team sets out to do: To win an NBA championship ring. And while the easy move would be to stay in San Francisco with the Warriors, he’s since made the move across country, […]

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