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The Bell Curve of Lifting Arousal

A few weeks back, there was a pretty epic training session at IFAST. Our “Meathead Training Hour” (as I’ve come to call it) is always the most intense training time at our gym, but there was just something in the air that that took this workout to the next level. Along the way, I was […]

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Coaching Neutral Neck

Last week, we discussed why neutral spine is important – not only for keeping injuries at bay, but for improving your performance as well. Far too often, people assume that neutral spine means ONLY the thoracic and lumbar spine, and totally forget about the cervical spine, or neck region.

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Learning from Ed Coan

(The following is the result of another discussion Jason Ferrugia and I had at last week’s IYCA Summit). Ed Coan is a pretty smart guy. And in case you missed it, he’s pretty strong as well. Any guy that has squatted over at grand at 242, benched close to 600, and deadlifted 900 pounds in […]

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