Tyler Williams on Process-Driven Load Management in the NFL

“You have to fail forward. You can’t be afraid to fail.”

That’s Tyler Williams’ advice on using sports science technology alongside implementing load management – but he might as well be talking about life.

Like many in the industry, Tyler had always been interested in sports despite his lack of genetic advantages. He worked to gain a competitive edge, continuously striving to become 1% better at sports.

Later, after graduating with a degree in Exercise Science from Truman State University, Tyler landed an internship role with the Los Angeles Rams, where he currently serves as Director of Sports Science.

To this day, Tyler attributes the longevity of his 15-year-long career with the Rams to his disposition for diligence and determination.

Tyler joins me today to discuss load management and workload enhancement at the NFL level. He shares the hurdles and obstacles he faced when he initially implemented workload enhancement with the Rams and explains what he would have done to make it better.

Tyler reveals the different tools and technology they currently use with the Rams and shares strategies to implement sports science, even on a shoestring budget. He also highlights the importance of shared collaboration in organizations and underscores the most important lessons he’s learned from his initial inception of the load management process.


When implementing workload enhancement, don’t let the tech drive your decisions. Trust your gut, trust your coach’s eye, and use them to enhance what you’ve spent your life learning. – Tyler Williams


This week on the Physical Preparation Podcast:

  • Tyler’s background and what led him to the world of physical preparation
  • How Tyler landed an internship with the Rams right after college
  • The reason Tyler prefers “workload enhancement” over “load management” and how he defines it
  • The hurdles Tyler personally dealt with when he started with load management
  • The importance of measuring progress
  • Discussing and communicating load management with coaches
  • A ring-toss game at the carnival and the importance of educating athletes and coaches first before introducing sports technology
  • Failing forward and Tyler’s advice on getting athletes and coaches to buy into sports science & data-tracking
  • The power and benefits of implementing sports science and data tracking technology into a program
  • Why Tyler and his team got into sports performance and workload management
  • How Tyler first introduced load management into his programs
  • What a “process-driven” approach means to Tyler
  • Workload enhancement tools and tech Tyler uses with the Rams
  • His advice for someone just getting started in the world of sports science and load management


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  1. Hi there,

    I’m a newly certified strength and conditioning coach (within the past year) and was interested in the papers Tyler mentioned at the end. I got a few names written down (Tim Gabbett, Darren Burgess) but was wondering what the other couple of names were?
    Also, loved this episode and the words of wisdom for new coaches! Greatly appreciated.

    • Hey Brooke! If you check out the links at the bottom, you may want to ask Tyler directly. Not sure I remember them, either 🙂

      Thanks for listening and glad you enjoyed it!

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