10 Tips for Smarter Program Design

Let’s be honest…writing training programs can be a daunting task.

What are the factors you need to keep in mind?

How can you make a workout session as efficient and enjoyable as possible?

Program design is something I have always been fascinated with. It’s been a while since my first program, and luckily (or hopefully, at least), I’ve improved my game over the years and learned a few things that could help you design your training program.

In this episode, I share ten tips that can help you create more effective and smarter training programs. I discuss the R7 approach to training, define what a rate limiter is, and discuss why you should seek to eliminate them in your initial program with a new client or athlete.

I also emphasize why you need to begin with long-term goals for your clients, and discuss why vision and assessment are keys to an impactful program.


The entire workout has to be geared and designed towards helping people move and feel better. – Mike Robertson


This week on the Physical Preparation Podcast:

  • The importance of planning your workout or training sessions on paper first
  • What rate limiters are and why your first program’s goal should be to eliminate them
  • The difference between “training” movements versus “building” movements (and why you should focus on the latter)
  • Why you should build strength slowly instead of testing it during each workout
  • Rethinking the warm-up and how to use them to help clients and athletes get ready for training
  • The benefits of creating a program templates
  • The four big goals clients and athletes aim for
  • The three characteristics of a client or athlete you need to assess
  • The reason you need to underwhelm clients with your workouts
  • The impact of making training fun and enjoyable
  • Beginning with the end in mind and balancing long-term and short-term goals with clients


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