Dr. Sarah Martin on EVERYTHING Pelvic Floor

Dr. Sarah Martin completed her doctorate in Neurobiology from the University of Kentucky in 2008. While in graduate school, one of her peers introduced Sarah to T-Nation, kicking-off her interest and love for lifting and physical preparation.

After completing her PhD in Neurobiology, Sarah further pursued her interest and returned to the University of Kentucky to study Physical Therapy under a Mary McMillan Award from the American Physical Therapy Association and graduated in 2014.

Today, in addition to general sport and orthopedic-based physical therapy, Sarah is specially trained in women’s pelvic health issues.

Sarah has been successfully treating her patients over the past five years by incorporating her background in sports and strength conditioning with her continued education in biomechanics, neurology, and breathing into her practice.

Sarah joins me today to discuss the physiology and function of the pelvic floor muscles.

She describes the different issues related to it and illustrates the relationship between the pelvic floor muscles and the diaphragm.

She explains why many people don’t talk about the pelvic floor, and describes the necessity of motion for internal organs.

And last but not least, she underscores the value of getting real-world experience versus simply learning from the internet and highlights the role of empathy in clinical practice.


The pelvic floor is integrated with the autonomic nervous system. It’s a huge part of stress and managing it. – Dr. Sarah Martin


This week on the Physical Preparation Podcast:

  • How a knee injury led Sarah to the world of physical therapy
  • Getting started on working with patients with pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Sarah’s transition from PT generalist to pelvic floor specialist
  • The importance of exploration and experimentation
  • The pelvic floor muscles’ role in the body
  • Why there’s a lack of informational discussions about the pelvic floor’s essential functions
  • The relationship between the diaphragm, the pelvic floor, and breathing
  • Why we’re seeing so many issues with the pelvic floor today
  • The role of the pelvic floor in stress, stress management, and lifestyle
  • Incontinence, constipation, and other pelvic floor issues Sarah treats in her practice
  • Sarah’s assessment process for people with pelvic issues
  • Educating the “internet expert” and how Sarah communicates her methodology to her patients
  • The value of establishing foundational motion
  • How Sarah’s treatment model and approach evolved over the years
  • Understanding and respecting the internal organs’ need for motion
  • Why clinicians need to have empathy
  • Creating movement by cultivating relaxation and supporting inhibition
  • Why a contracted muscle system can’t execute good movement
  • How being a parent has changed Sarah’s outlook on training and therapy


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