Joel Jamieson on the Train, Recover, and Repeat Mindset

When Joel Jamieson, Founder and CEO of 8WeeksOut, began working with athletes and clients in his gym 20 years ago, he realized the key role of recovery, as well as its unpredictability.

While the results of training were driven by recovery, recovery was, in turn, driven by factors coaches couldn’t track inside the gym: sleep duration, nutrition quality, and physical movement.

Joel’s passion for closing this gap between training and recovery led him to create Morpheus, a fitness platform designed to accelerate recovery and fitness.

Joel joins me today to discuss his “Train, Recover, and Repeat” model and explain why it is crucial to take client and athlete recovery beyond taking a day off.

He describes the interrelatedness of sleep, quality nutrition, movement, and training, and how they all work together to encourage recovery.

Joel also discusses how integrating recovery in a training program increases client retention at the gym and underscores the importance of sustainability in health, training, and fitness.


Training is important, but recovery dictates how much you can train. – Joel Jamieson


This week on the Physical Preparation Podcast:

  • What heart rate variability is and how it led Joel to work with improving recovery
  • Joel’s “Train, recover, repeat” model
  • Earning the right to train and the importance of sustainability in losing weight and getting healthy
  • The correlation of sleep, recovery, and results
  • Joel’s advice for getting better sleep
  • Why you need physical movement even if it’s your off-day from the gym
  • The four pillars of recovery
  • Why rest and recovery don’t mean doing absolutely nothing
  • Filling the gaps in programming and using days off as preparation for high-intensity training days
  • The real cost of not putting enough recovery
  • How integrating recovery days into a training program leads to a better fitness business
  • Why there are more conversations around rest and recovery today
  • What Morpheus is and how it helps clients become more accountable for their health, fitness, and recovery


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