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RTS Coaching: Hips Up on RDL’s

Like I mentioned last week, the RDL can be a very difficult lift to coach. Another common mistake I see is when athletes want to bend the knees excessively, or almost try and “squat” the weight down. Not only does it make for a terribly inefficient lift, but you fail to load the hips and […]

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How NOT to RDL

The RDL, or Romanian deadlift, is a staple exercise for Olympic lifters and athletes alike. It’s universally popular because it not only serves as a teaching tool for bigger lifts (full deadlifts, cleans, etc.), but it also builds the hamstrings and teaches people to flex and extend their hips properly. However, I will go to […]

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How to RDL

Note from MR: The following is a guest post from Aaron Cunanan. Aaron was an intern at IFAST several years ago, and a really sharp guy. I think you’re really going to love this post! —————— The Romanian Deadlift is one of the most important strength exercises out there and should be a staple in […]

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