RTS Coaching: Hips Up on RDL’s


Like I mentioned last week, the RDL can be a very difficult lift to coach.

Another common mistake I see is when athletes want to bend the knees excessively, or almost try and “squat” the weight down.

Not only does it make for a terribly inefficient lift, but you fail to load the hips and hamstrings effectively as well.

If you have athletes who want to squat the weight, here’s a cue that I’ve found works quite well.

When an athlete drops their hips, simply cuing them to “keep the hips high” throughout can make a profound difference. Once they perform a rep or two the old way, versus keeping the hips up throughout, they should immediately feel a difference.

And if this cue helps, here are two articles about the RDL that I think you’ll really enjoy:

How to Romanian Deadlift

How NOT to RDL

Next time you’re training RDL’s, think about keeping the hips up, the chest over the bar, and feeling the whole foot. It should make a profound impact on how the lift feels!

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