MR Training Week 6 2011

Starting to get back into some semblance of a routine this week.  Definitely had some high-quality, productive workouts.

Here’s a quick update, along with my thought process behind the various days/lifts.

Monday – Squat/Lower Body

Training Crew: Stevie, Lance, Allen Tucker

Back Squats, 225×3, 275×1, 315×3, 335×3 (Belt)

This was really hit or miss. Some reps felt awesome while others felt absolutely horrible.

After seeing some pictures, I think (for some unknown reason) I’ve moved my stance width in a bit. I need to move it back out, but more on this later.

Stevie got a set of briefs and was playing around with them. He hit 545 for a double, then 585 for a single. The 585 was his best rep of the day, and I figure he’s going to be good for a 700+ pound squat in his next meet.

Speed Pulls, 315×1, 365×2

I was supposed to do these against chains, but Lance was hogging them on the bench. Go figure 🙂

In other news, IFAST needs more chains. 4 isn’t going to cut it now.

Offset KB Split-Squats, 2×[email protected] kg

Glute-Hams, 2×8, 6 at Hole #3

Blast Strap Fallouts, 3×8

Tuesday – Bench/Upper Body

Training Crew: Stevie, Zach Moore

Bench Press, 2×225, 3×[email protected], 2×245

Wanted to hit doubles and really hammer technique.  Focused on keeping my knuckles pointed up and controlling the bar in the bottom position.

It’s a work in progress, but 1/2 at 245 felt really strong.

DB Rows, 3×[email protected] – Need to go heavier next week

I superset those with:

DB Incline, 5×80, 2×[email protected]

Trying to hang with Lil’ Stevie – that’s got to be close to a PR for incline DB’s.

2-Rope Face Pulls, 3×[email protected]

KB Windmills, 3×[email protected] kg

Just for the record, my abz were sore for three days after the past two ab workouts!

Thursday – Lower Body Accessory

Training Crew: Stevie, Zach Moore, Allen Tucker

Speed/Technique Squats, 5×[email protected]

I had no preconceived notions or plans for this workout. All I wanted to do was get some quality work in and figure out my stance width, set-up, etc.

It took 2-3 sets, but the last two sets felt really good. I got my stance out a bit, forced my chest up, and technique was much better. I hope I can carry this over to Sunday’s big squat workout.

Conventional Deadlifts to Knee, 5×225, 275

ValSlide Leg Curls, 2×6

These are horrible, for the record.

Band Jackknifes, 2×8

In a bit of a hurry today as I had to report for Daddy Duty, thus the reduced volume on the accessory stuff.

In other news, Lance is officially scared to be strong. Notice how he only trained with us once out of the past 3 days!

Friday – Bench Assistance/Upper Body

Training Crew: Stevie, Zach Moore, IFAST client Rachelle C.

Had to get my accessory upper body stuff in today as next week is crazy. Charlie Weingroff is in town Monday, so my squat workout is getting pushed up a day to Sunday. I’m also supposed to have dinner with Joe Kenn sometime next week, who is now the head strength coach for the Carolina Panthers. Congrats Coach House!

Hey, if you can learn from and spend time with some of the best, you figure out a way make it happen!

Floor Press w/4 Chains, 2×[email protected], 3×[email protected]

Stevie’s been a huge help in cuing my squat and bench. I played around with different wrist wraps, along with HOW I wrap my wrists, and I feel like this could be a difference-maker.

Unfortunately, you can’t do a lot for 6 and 3/4″ wrists!

Chins, 5×5

Prone “Y” on Incline, 2×8

Prone Row to External Rotation, 2×8

Half-Kneeling Cable Lifts, [email protected], 2×[email protected]

Thanks to Zach for cuing me on these – it helps to get some good feedback and cues. Dude can coach half-kneeling!

One side note – my elbows felt like they were going to explode today. I couldn’t figure out why, until I realize I broke one of the Cardinal Rules of powerlifting not once but twice this week.

The rule? NEVER bench the day after you squat.

I may have to consider moving our Tuesday bench workouts to Wednesday, in light of this revelation.

Big squat day tomorrow – wish me luck!

Stay strong


(Lead Photo Courtesy of THE Allen Tucker)


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  1. Hmm. Never bench the day after you squat, eh? I haven’t heard that one before… but, last week, I did exactly that for the first time in a while, and my elbows wanted to kill me — horrible lateral pain, like nothing I’ve ever felt in my elbows before. I attributed it to doing something funny with some box jumps I was playing around with before starting to bench. But maybe not. Can you elaborate on why bench the day after squatting is such a bad idea?

    • James –

      Sorry for the slow reply!

      When back squatting, you go into a lot of shoulder external rotation and there’s a lot of compression at the elbow joint (especially if you squat low). Basically, it just beats your elbows up.

      Now, if you go the next day when your elbows really haven’t had much time to recover and attempt to bench heavy, you’re just adding fuel to fire.

      Does that help?


  2. Mike,

    Thanks for the post. What is the limiting factor in being able to straighten completely out while doing ab fall outs in most cases you have dealt with?

    Have you found that some guys that have strong hamstrings still cannot do glute ham raises very easily?

  3. Mike — makes sense! Thanks for the response! I am absolutely going to move around my training week after hearing that…

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