MR Training Week 5 2011

Started a new cycle – technically it started last week, but due to baby girl and a snow/ice storm to end all others, I only got one day in last week.

Here’s a recap of the past two weeks. Enjoy!

Last Monday (1/31) – Squat/Lower Body

Back Squats, 225×5, 275×3, 305×3, 315×3

Energy level was a bit low during this workout, but the two heavier work sets my technique really cleaned up. I spun the rack around so I was facing the “open” part of the gym, and I think this helped as far as maintaining my neck in neutral.

After that, I honestly can’t remember what I did in this workout 🙂

This Monday (2/7) – Squat/Lower Body

Just did some stuff around my house with the kettlebells.

Goblet Squat, 3×8

KB Swings, 3×15

KB Windmills, 3×5

I could tell I’d sat in a hospital for the past 3-4 days – everything felt horrible!

Tuesday – Bench/Upper Body

Training Crew: Stevie

Bench Press with 4 Chains, 135, 185, 205 – I don’t even remember the sets and reps.

DB Rows, 2×[email protected], 2×[email protected]

I superset those with:

DB Incline, 2×[email protected], 2×[email protected]

Face Pulls, 3×[email protected]

Half-Kneeling Horizontal Chop, 2×[email protected]

Friday – Deadlift/Lower Body

Training Crew: Zach Moore

Safety Bar Box Squats w/4 Chains, 3×[email protected], 2×[email protected]

Just trying these out today. I wanted to keep the safety bar squats in, as I like what they do for the start of my pull.

My VL and IT bands have felt horrible, and these didn’t help. I went home and bombed on them with the Gua Sha tools so we’ll see if that doesn’t help.

Doing basically nothing for the past week definitely didn’t help things. Gotta get back in a normal routine and stop sitting so damn much!

Conventional Deadlifts to Knee, 5×135, 185, 225, 275

Working on really pushing my knees back to load the hammies off the floor. I also paused each rep at my knee for a one count to get some isometric back work in.

Offset Step-ups, 2×[email protected]#

Glute-Ham Raises, 8 at Hole #4, 5 at Hole #3

I think I got 3×8 at Hole #3 last week, so yeah, these got weak fast.

Saturday – Bench Assistance/Upper Body

Training Crew: Stevie, Big Mike Roncarati, Lance and AT were hanging out

Gym was packed and there was a lot of energy today. I was supposed to do floor presses with chains, but every rack was taken so I tried to go with the flow a bit.

3-Board Press, 3×225, 2×275, 1×295, Miss 315

The 315 was an 3P1C 4A1L – I knew I shouldn’t have taken it, as I was running the rack and trying to get Stevie and Mike going in their bench shirts. Between the inconsistent training and sleep schedule the last week, I should’ve left it at 295.

But of course, I didn’t.

Regardless, Stevie was working in a Metal Ace and eventually hit 405. Not sure if it touched but it looked close.

For the record, I know nothing about multi-ply bench shirts, so if anyone knows of good references or tutorials on the web, feel free to leave them below in the “Comments.”

Big Mike was working his way down in a Katana – hit 475 on a one board, same with 500. The last rep was his best and I can’t wait to see what he’ll hit in coming weeks. He’s freakin’ really strong for not even being a full 220.

Of course this took WAY too long, so all I had time left for was…

Chins, 4×6

KB Waiters Walks, 2 trips at 20 kg

As I’m sitting here, my elbows and biceps feel like they’re about to explode from all the Zecher hand-offs I gave the boys this morning. If my count is right, I had at least 8 or 9 hands-offs of 405 pounds or more.

So I achieved my goal this week of getting back in the gym and doing some work. Hopefully next week I’ll start to dial it back in so I don’t lose all that great momentum I had a few weeks ago.

Stay strong


(Lead Photo Courtesy of THE Allen Tucker – Full Photo Below)


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    • Chris –

      I generally do each write-up immediately after the workout, so it’s really not that time consuming.

      As far as my cycles go, I always have a long(er) term plan, but I only plan my cycles 3-4 weeks in advance. And that can always changed depending on how I’m feeling, how I’m recovering, etc.

      It’s a much more organic process for me now that it would’ve been 4-5 years ago.


  1. Nice write up Mike. I recall when my second son was born having to change my routine up some. But it was never an excuse to completely stop working out. I admire your drive. I mostly focused on hitting the big bang exercises twice a week with a few supplemental exercises. I would also add more sprinting on off days to keep my conditioning up to bar with some low level core work as well. I actually maintained my strength and reduced some body fat. Guess, babies will do that to you. Stress levels go up and frequency must come down. Keep up the good work.

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