RTS Coaching: Snatch Grip RDL


As I’ve mentioned numerous times in the past, I’m pretty vanilla as a coach.

I want to teach my athletes to squat, hinge, push, and pull – but I want them to do so with impeccable technique.

But just because I’m vanilla, doesn’t mean I’m unwilling to change.

Case and point – I’m a huge fan of the split-squat and lunge, but I’ve changed things up recently by using a low box variation to get even better results.

The RDL is another one of my favorite exercises, but I’ve since switched and am now using the snatch-grip variation more and more.

Why, you might ask?

Here’s why…

And just in case you want more RDL goodness, check out these two articles when you have time:

How to RDL

How NOT to RDL

Give the snatch-grip variation a shot next time you’re in the gym. I think you’ll love how it feels!

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  1. When you are demonstrating grip width, you need to be facing the camera. We needed to see this from both the side and the front. I have no clue as to how wide your grip needs to be to take the lats out of the movement.

  2. Nice Mike The snatch grip has great grip and upper back benefits as well. Will sneak this into my programming

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