The Top 10 RTS Posts of 2012

charlie-weingroffI love the end of the year.

Sure, sometimes I feel older than I should (I’m pretty sure that’s part of the aging process), but I also love looking back and seeing everything I’ve accomplished.

With regards to my blog, I enjoy going back and seeing what posts were most popular, as it helps me re-connect with my readers.

What resonated with you?

What did you enjoy?

What were you passionate about?

This year, I feel as though I put some really great content out there. And if you enjoy this post, make sure to go back and see my Top 10 from 2011, and my Top 10 from 2010.

So without any further ado, let’s check out the Top 10 RTS Posts of 2012!

 #10 – Charlie Weingroff Quotes

Having Charlie Weingroff in for a seminar was one of the easiest business decisions I’ve ever made.

The guy is wicked smart, and he has great energy every time he presents.

This post is a list of his most memorable (and controversial) quotes from his seminar at IFAST.

#9 – An Interview with Neghar Fonooni

I posted a lot of interview early on in 2012, and this interview with Girls Gone Strong founder Neghar Fonooni topped my list.

If you like pretty girls, heavy weights, and kettlebell lifting, you’ll love this interview with Neghar.

#8 – Training the Unstable Client

Believe it or not, I wasn’t talking about mental instability here.

On the contrary, unstable clients are challenging to work with, because they typically aren’t your best athletes, and worse, they get injured a lot.

If you train unstable clients, you need to read this post!

#7 – Warm-up

It’s only been up a week, but this post has already cracked the Top 10 for all of 2012.

And for good reason.

If you want to learn why warming up is important, as well as how we do it at IFAST, you’ll want to read this post.

I even throw in a little bit of biomechanics for my anatomy geeks out there.

#6 – Is Scapular Stability a Myth?

When talking joint-by-joint, it’s easy to remember that the scapula should be trained for stability.

But is that all there is to it? Just lock those puppies down and go to work?

I think there’s a bit more to it, and I do my best to discuss both sides of the coin here.

#5 – Floor Press

If you’re serious about getting bigger and stronger, chances are you’ve used floor presses in your program.

In this massive post, I cover all the ins-and-outs of floor pressing, including technique, variations, and I even throw in a sample bench press routine that you can use to jump start you’re pressing progress in the New Year!

#4 – Mike’s Top 12 Training Resources

Let me be frank…

I’m tired of “Internet experts.”

And yes, I see the irony here, considering I run a popular fitness website. Some people really do think I sit around in my boxers all day on my couch and blog or write newsletters.

However, I’ve spent the last 13 years working with clients and athletes of all shapes and sizes. More importantly, I can tell when someone knows their sh*t.

If you want to know who I enjoy reading and learning from, read this post and get up to speed on the guys I consider to be true experts.

#3 – Round Back Deadlifts

This debate has been around for years – what is the best way to deadlift?

What if your only goal to get strong?

And what if you want to be strong and healthy?

Again with a healthy dose of biomechanics and functional anatomy, I do my best to explain whether round back deadlifts should be included in your training programs.

#2 – Should We Train Rectus Abdominus?

I can’t think of a more controversial core/abdominal muscle than rectus abdominus.

And then as soon as I typed that, I thought of one – the transverse abdominus or TVA!

However, the rectus abdominus has gotten a ton of press in recent years, and I think some of it is warranted, while some of it is not.

Bringing us back to the middle ground is important, even if I don’t think crunching is the answer. Read this post if you want to learn why rectus is important, and what we need it to do for us.

#1 – Is Static Stretching Good?

I hate black and white posts, especially when people use them solely to promote a product.

As you can see, my most popular blogs are often posts where I dig beneath the surface to try and bring new truths to light.

Or at the very least, bring the pendulum back to the center.

If you’re black and white when it comes to static stretching, read this post. Hopefully it will clear up some of the confusion.

So there you have it, my Top 10 posts for 2012.

Any thoughts on what you’d like to see in 2013?

If so, please leave your thoughts and feedback below. Thanks for your support, and have a safe and Happy New Year!




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